Day 2: My Experiment Into BitCoin

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Day 2: Bitcoin Test Account Experiment

Hi guys as promised here is my update after buying £4 worth of bitcoin over 24 hours ago. Again i must stress although this isn’t the biggest investment i agree.

But what this experiment and blog is all about is my journey into crypto currency and a journey for not only myself but those who follow me or have an interest that may find some sort of value or help into just how volatile this industry can be.

I will be over the course of the month of February 2018 looking into bitcoin mining and the investment i put into this will be far greater then this social experiment of the initial £4 i first put into my coin base wallet

From starting at £4 last night you can see just how 24 hours can change the value.

Today my £4 test account now sits at £3.61 a 24 hour loss of £0.39p. Again when i started this experiment off i did so without checking the current market or looking at charts to enter at the best possible starting point.

This was mainly because i want to show those that follow my blog and those that follow me via my other social media account just how careful you have to be when investing in to crypto currency. Again i will not be putting any further money into buying via this account this is simply to be transparent and see the crypto rollercoaster my massive £4 takes on its daily journey on the world wide web.

While all this goes on i’am how ever going to be educating myself more in this sector of the online world, which i will be honest i had a lot of scepticism on the subject which we all posses at times. But lets be honest its how the human brain is wired to be and that is to be cautious in everything we do.

Sometimes we all need to step out of our comfort zone to progress that little further to our own goals or targets to enjoy life better. So this is part of the reason i’m doing this this.

Not just for me but for those that also want to share in the what bitcoin or crypto currency is about. So anyone interested in the world of digital coin which ever it maybe.

I decided to start a little meet up group which you can check out by clicking this link

( Bitcoin Mining )

Here you can join in any discussion or start of a topic with other members. I would love to hear from other people interested in this technology wether newbie or a member that has be into crypto for a number of years let me hear from you all.

So that is where i’m now at just 24 hours from opening the test account guys.

Hope you’ve enjoyed tonights blog and found some value from it or even thought you would like to be part of the group by hitting the link above.

Thank you again please share the love and hit the like button or share even subscribe to my blog.


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